Spinoza on miracles

Though I disagree with most of what Spinoza says, I think he is close to truth when he writes

I have shown that scripture does not explain things by their secondary causes, but only narrates them in order and style which has most power to move men, and especially uneducated men, to devotion; and therefore it speaks inaccurately of god and of events, seeing that its object is not to convince the reason, but to attract and lay hold of the imagination.

lessons from Spinoza

I am currently reading Spinoza’s Theologico- Politico treatise from where most of our reflections in the next few days will mainly come from unless we are rudely interrupted by criminal activity around the world for example car bombs, honor killings and any such madness, then we may add our commentary to that type of madness.

Spinoza advises thus

we must not go to the prophets for knowledge, either of natural or of spiritual phenomenon.

He continues in the next line to say

we have determined, then, that we are only bound to believe in the prophetic writings, the object and substance of the revelation; with regard to the details every one may believe or not, as he likes.

If only evangelicals let everyone in peace to believe or not to believe, we would have lesser things to fight over.