In defence of Nancy Baraza

To most people, the case of Nancy Baraza is closed. She is guilty of several crimes among them lying, pinching, bullying and others that i have not got the time to find out. The tribunal set up to investigate the [mis]conduct of the DCJ gave their recommendations to the public after having closed door sessions in which yours truly was not a party. They have said she is not fit to hold high office and they are not sure of her conduct in the far future. I don’t know if she proffered a bribe, if she did, that’s another matter that should be taken up by the office of the DPP.

I must admit i have not seen the CCTV footage of the events on that January day and the ensuing altercation between the DCJ and Kerubo. Now give me a minute, let me finish why i stand by the DCJ. It is this event that is the reason for the tribunal and this is what i want to address not what she did after the event.

we have a government with three arms, the judiciary is headed by the CJ and deputized by the DCJ. For the life of me i do not know why someone would want to subject the DCJ to a body search. I could be wrong, but apart from our airports am not sure there is a law that support this body searches. Would they search the deputy speaker, the PM, the VP? I doubt it! For all intents and purposes the DCJ was right to refuse any body search.

The people who should take responsibility for this mess are her guards and driver. They failed their charge, simple and square. It is their duty to ensure that their charges have an easy pass through such security checks which in my very honest opinion are not a deterrent to anyone with evil intent but an intrusion into people’s privacy.

Lastly, I look at one of the assertions by the tribunal: that in their view, they do not think the DCJ will not behave in a similar manner in future. Are they shrinks, how did they reach such a conclusion? Do they have evidence of her having behaved in a similar manner in the past to warrant such a conclusion. In the absence of supporting evidence, then that recommendation should be deleted from the report. I think we have people in office who should have left eons ago for crimes that i do not want mention here and are now running for high office, what hypocrisy, what pretense! Am not saying here that people in high office should go pinching noses, but this was a small slight and shouldn’t have distracted us from more serious issues facing us as a people.

I wish her well, it’s sad she is losing her job on such flimsy grounds. And since it’s Olympics time, i wish team Kenya all the success!