A journey from Genesis to Revelation


Friends let us embark on a journey through the bible. We will have bible study, yes bible study chapter by chapter and hopefully we will get to the book of revelation together. To start us off bible scholars and other commentators have identified 4[four] sources for the first five books. Here you will find a history of the gods and an explanation of the different sources which for the purposes of this introduction is will just list. They have identifies the Yahwist [J], the Priestly [P], the Deutronomist [D] and the Elohist [E] sources. These sources are distinct in the way the relationship between God [Abrahamic God] is portrayed. They write at different times in the history of the Hebrews and as a result there is bound to be discrepancies in what they have written.

Now that we have history lesson behind us we shall start the journey. For my passages i will use the African Bible, Year of publication 1999, fourth reprint 2005. In places where i will need a more poetic language i will refer to the King James Version, copies which are available on the internet.

Welcome and lets walk together.

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