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I had promised we will start bible study, bad me, just this once let me break that promise and bring up something interesting just for you.

God is conceived by those who believe as all powerful and all knowing. From the creation story in the Book of genesis it indicates that all was created through his will and knowledge and all that came to existence he knew and he was happy. From this argument of creation, believers insist that all that exists were created by God, such as St. Augustine, an apologist who said there is a theory of seminal principles in the explanation for those things that come to existence later yet creation was done in time. It begs an answer from the believers to explain the origin of evil, yet all that was created by God was good. However from one point of understanding, evil refers to lack of something that ought to be there and the question comes, where was the God who is said to be all knowing and all present for such a mistake to occur, was it an omission or a deliberate move by him?

Others blame evil on the issue of free will, they say human persons use their freedom to create evil, to some extent this argument holds especially on those harms caused by fellow human beings to others. However some happenings such as earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides occur on their own accord and we cannot stop them, yet man has tried so hard even to invent detectors for such calamities but we still loose lives. In us much as we are free to choose, many stories from the Bible which believers use as the source of defense narrates about people whose lives had been destined before even their birth: Jeremiah was told I chose you before you were born and so he had to agree, Jesus says of Judas that cursed was he, he was not suppose to be born and so was Jonah on his mission to Nineveh.

It still amazes me why god who is all loving would use evil to punish Job who was innocent? Instead of protecting him from evil. I would like to end with a question that still troubles me, God is so powerful and so loving, why had he to choose death of His only beloved son as a way for the atonement of sins of human yet he could use his power and save them, as the Bible indicates Jesus forgave people their sins through a word of mouth.

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4 thoughts on “just a thought

  1. Niques Dawson says:

    I know only one answer; as u have said, God gave a free wil, but man chose to use it by however he wished. About natural calamities, that’s what they are, sometimes fatal but not evil, about Job, God was proving a point to Satan, that his evil won’t cannot down one of his “own”…


    • makagutu says:

      Hahahahaha. Nick, if man has free will then he should use it wherever he deems fit without risk of punishment. why would god not deal with satan directly why make a man suffer?


  2. Ifunctional says:

    Boss… I dont concur @ all… remember the bible is a full story and when you analyze it in bits u loose it….
    there is so much u are missing and miss interpreting…
    Nick is right, God told satan not to touch something on Job everything else he could… Corinth still says that God will never allow you to be tempted beyond what you can bear, and still he gives a way of escape….
    And dude u need to know what Eden was like before the fall of man…all i no that the land was cursed after the fall of man… all now is out of control from man bt not from God… Jesus calmed the storms [how do u think it wasnt a tsunami of some sort] ….. He is Omnipotent, he is sovereign…. and note that the earth is Gods foot-stool…. Who is man to question what God can do, who art man that God should answer to… thats why he is a loving God that he calls him his child


    • makagutu says:

      i agree the bible is a full story, but a mythical one of the hebrews at different times of their lives. so we are losing nothing.
      you say god can’t tempt you beyond what you can bear, the question is why tempt man in the first place?
      i know eden is a myth, man fell when he turned away from himself instead turned to the gods, which he created in numbers. i think the story of jesus is an interesting one, his life and divinity has been a question of debate for centuries. there is almost agreement that he didn’t exist.
      why does man pray? so that god can answer him i suppose so i think your question is misplaced!


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