Genesis Chapter 1


I said I would keep this promise, eh. Before we start, in the introduction, the good book says, the books of the Pentateuch do not record historical facts…. but traditions of a people about the origin of the universe, the world and all it contains [ i have an issue with my forefathers, they forgot to write]. Now that we have that history behind us we can get into the serious business of bible study.

In verses 1 & 2, God gets busy creating earth but it still has no form. He will give it form later don’t you worry. Verses 3 to 5 he creates light and darkness[he must have been using a spotlight before this I guess] How did he know it was dark? I have always been told he was God of light and until this day of creation he was living in the dark?

Verses 6 to 8, a lot of activity going on. He separates two waters, i will wait for those who have gone to space to tell me whether they have seen this water mass or has it evaporated?

We are on the 3rd day now, he moves all the water into a basin[did we miss the creation of the basin] and then he orders fruits and seeds to appear. we now know what comes first, the plant then the seed, don’t ask again about the chicken and the egg.

For a moment i thought we were done with creating lights, here is where he creates the moon and all the stars we see in the night sky, never mind, he didn’t know about the rotation of the earth causing day and night. We’ll just assume that he didn’t care to inspire the scribes with such knowledge.

At verse 20 to 23, fifth day, the fishes, sea monsters, birds and so on got created. Forgive my not mentioning, he saw that all this was good [am wondering did he expect it to be bad?]. He offers his very first blessings on this day.

This appears to be the busiest day on the creation calender, I understand why at the end he was tired and needed rest. from verse 24, we have cows and wild animals[ why not make them all friendly to man? am just asking], even worms are made on this day. Verse 26 gets very interesting, ‘ Then God said;’ Let us make man in our image, after our likeness….’ am not sure who he is talking to, anyone with answers please? [I think this is why we have people like Kibaki and so on, there are many likenesses not all beautiful. If you must use a lot of make up to hide your face maybe you took after the wrong likeness]. He sends them on a mission to multiply, I don’t see him teaching them how to or did he know they will just find out on their own? I leave that to speculation. And as i had said earlier all this was beautiful and he blessed it. There were no conditions in the garden. I think in all fairness things should have remained this way.

We continue with Chapter 2 when the student resumes.