Genesis Chapter 4

A drama between brothers.

Our journey through history continues.

In v1 and 2, Cain and Abel are born. There is just one profession at the moment, agriculture, so one keeps cattle another grows crops. At some point they each present the fruits of their labor and at V5 we see god showing preference[ a reason has not been given for this. any help out there please].


The first solved murder mystery. At least we don’t have a cold case on our hands. Did he intend to kill him? Let the jury decide

V8, the first murder is committed. Cain kills Abel and in the next verse do i see a streak of rudeness. How does Cain tell sir god he’s not his brothers keeper?

V12, God curses the soil a second time. Did he forget the curse he issued in the last chapter? I thought once should just be enough, he is all powerful! He banishes Cain from where the family had made camp. Now i think we have the first case of refugees!

V13 & 14 Cain complains someone may want to kill him and we see God placing a mark on him as a warning for anyone with such intention.[ Hold on a moment, this place had four people, one has just been killed. who would want to kill Cain and whence do they come from? Did i miss somebody somewhere?] Cain has gone to Nod, East of Eden. When Adam and Eve left they went east, how far east of Eden will they go before they start going west?

V17, Cain has a wife whence from I know not[ if you know please volunteer this information], then he founds a city for his wife. If it was a present, then it must be the most lavish in all history. Why they need a city will be a matter for another day.

v18 and 19 there is a lot of beget and somewhere along the line, the wives are in great supply because Lamech helps himself with two.


Bedouin Tent

I know you didn’t know that if you in tents like the Bedouins, your great ancestor is Jabal.

If you play the pipe or lyre, you have for great grandfather Jubal.

And for all blacksmiths, Tubalcain. Clap for me, i just taught you something new.

v25, I need help here, how old was Adam and Eve when they had the first bunch of bouncing baby boys? 6 generations have since passed from the time of Cain and Abel and they just got another bouncing baby in the name of Seth. Yes, I kImagenow what you are asking, was there menopause back then?

I forgot to mention, at the end of this chapter, men started to invoke the Lord by name. Before i don’t know how they communicated. Don’t ask me. It ain’t written.

If in the history of descendants I gave does not cover you, don’t worry, that is what we will cover in the next chapter and somewhere will be your great grandfather.