Perfume the story of a murderer

Perfume the story of a murderer

Now friends, today we will not talk about the Genesis story. You see last evening the missus (she is a beautiful and lovely damsel, I miss her a lot) was home [she works out of town] so I couldn’t write and we decided that we could watch a movie and settled on Perfume the story of a murderer. If you haven’t watched this movie, I recommend you do. There are very many beautiful scenes, I specifically like the scene of his sentencing. For a brief moment the people felt like they were in paradise and that the messiah had returned. It’s a brilliant movie! I seriously need a bit of that perfume, I could make use of it sometime.

That aside, today I want to take us through a biology lesson with the aim of showing you, dear creationist, there is possibly no way life forms are a result of some Intelligent design as some of you want us to believe. Since I know I make a bad teacher, here you will find a definition of what would be called design (you can agree or disagree) and here you will find examples and descriptions what for purposes of this blog we will call bad design.

I invite you to update the list that has been developed or just to have a good laugh.

We will continue with Genesis later.

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