we all worship the same God

The chart is a dummy’s guide to knowing if you worship the one true god. I hope you find yours somewhere 🙂

Why Evolution Is True

On the advice of readers, Shuggy has updated his chart comparing the gods worshiped by differed faiths. There are new faiths! And new criteria, like bacon cheeseburgers!

I put a low-res version of the chart below, but click twice in succession to go to the third page, which is large and legible. But PLEASE leave any comments/suggestions below, not on the picture page!!!!!

Shuggy is soliciting feedback, and notes:

Here is the Mk II Guide to The One True God. When the WEITers have given their feedback I will make a higher-res  image for a poster. (I rather liked the simplicity of Mk I, but  things like bacon cheeseburger couldn’t be left out.)

One category might summarise several of the last few: “Strange things He demands:” for things lke Mormon baptising  of the dead, etc, but it’s funnier to spell them out and bring out their contradictions.

My own opinion…

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2 thoughts on “we all worship the same God

  1. Nicholas Omenya says:

    Some random thoughts for you Bro … 1. What do you BELIEVE? 2. Realize the power of your BELIEFS 3. What do you THINK? 4. Realize the power of your THOUGHTS 5. What do you CHOOSE? 6. Realize the power of your CHOICES YOU have the POWER, the CAPACITY, the ABILITY to change your THOUGHTS and BELIEFS and your REACTIONS to people and things. YOU HAVE CHOICES


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