Visit to the museum

collection of guords

Hey guys, today I went to the museum and took a few photos. Since I used my phone some may not be as clear.

Then I visited the craddle of mankind to see your long lost relatives.


More about our relatives

A brief introduction

The black skull

Nariokotome boy


Homo erectus

Homo rudolfensis

Homo habilis

Then I went to the neighborhood just to see what could have been going on.

The relatives doing their thing

Could they be hunters and gatherers?

Then I saw some really old guns

I seriously need a gun

The Pride of Africa, our National carrier

Kenya Airways

Some snakes,

Rock python

Gabon viper








And finally, football fans celebrating within the city centre after a game played this afternoon

Gor Sirikal

I promise to update these photos where possible with clearer ones when I can convince my friend to lend me his good camera.