On the incredibility of the resurrection story

It is an easy thing to tell a lie, but it is difficult to support the lie after it is told. The
writer of the book of Matthew should have told us who the saints were that came to
life again, and went into the city, and what became of them afterward, and who it
was that saw them—for he is not hardy enough to say he saw them himself,
whether they came out naked, and all in natural buff, he-saints and she-saints; or
whether they came full dressed, and where they got their dresses, whether they
went to their former habitations, and reclaimed their wives, their husbands, and
their property, and how they were received; whether they entered ejectments for the
recovery of their possessions, or brought actions of crim. con. against the rival
interlopers, whether they remained on earth, and followed their former occupation
of preaching or working; or whether they died again, or went back to their graves
alive, and buried themselves.

Thomas Paine