Genesis 39

Joseph’s Success in Egypt

This chapter tells the story of Joseph’s sojourn in Egypt under the care of Pharaoh’s secret service, his betrayal by the master’s wife and eventual imprisonment. It tells of the blessings that befell the master and how well he was treated by the wardens at the penitentiary where he is made the supervisor of all other inmates, a good position I guess for a prisoner.

On a side note, something we will encounter elsewhere in the not so good book, Joseph says in verse 9, ‘There is no one greater in this house than I…..’ a verse that later on in the gospels will be attributed to Jesus reference of John.

The scribes here at least have tried to give Joseph form, he has been described as handsome in form and appearance to such an extent that the master’s wife had an eye for him. I don’t if the lady of the house would go to such extreme to invite all the men in the household to witness Joseph’s garment in her hand. Depending on the relationship between master and Joseph, it could as well be Joseph’s word against hers. There is the story [am not sure] of Caesar’s wife who has been accused of impropriety and he orders that he be hanged since she should beyond suspicion, maybe the story here would have ended differently.

Joseph and Potiphar’s wife painting by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri