Genesis 42

Joseph’s Brothers Sent to Egypt

We are no longer dealing with dreams, though the story is getting more interesting as we go along. In this chapter, which is quite long, Israel/ Jacob sends 10 of his sons to Egypt having heard there is food in Egypt.

Joseph sees his brothers, recognizes them and has a bitter exchange with them and all the while they do not recognize him. I don’t know if it is possible, I will let the reader decide, that 10 brothers couldn’t recognize their brother and we have not been told he wore disguise or had his face and voice altered surgically.

Joseph taking advantage of their ignorance, I shall call it so, harangues them before detaining his brother Simon and sending the rest with grains back home and their silver which they only discover while they are on their way. The workers under Joseph would protest the order to return the silver to these 10. There is no such protest!

I have said before concerning the scribes who wrote the bible stories, the ones we have met so far, that they were ignorant of the world around them. They write here there was famine in every other place except Egypt where the Pharaoh under the wise counsel of Joseph had the Egyptians store food. This my friends, I don’t think makes any sense. If there is a world famine for seven days and there is food in just one place, there would be disaster. The Egyptians would be fighting to get the food, foreigners would wage war just to get the food. There would be massive loss of life and destruction of property and this at least could not have passed unrecorded by historians of the time!

Besides, if the famine was worldwide as the scribes would want us believe,how is it then we have no Chinese or Indians or any other civilizations already present mention such a devastating famine?

Their father refuses to let them go back with Benjamin as the chapter closes, we will see what happens when we get to the next chapter! Stay tuned.

Joseph selling grain in Egypt. Painting by Jan van Noordt



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