The Way of the Mister: Mormonism is Racism

I usually don’t like to call anyone an idiot, but if you are black, brown, coloured or any other complexion other than white and you are an adherent of any of the branches of Church of Latter Day Saints, easily known as Church of Mormon, then you classify as Mark Twain would say an idiot of the first degree.

I have not spent much time researching on the religion of Joseph Smith, one simply because I think one would be insane to believe in this day and age that an angel appeared to this polygamous man, gave him golden tablets with the necessary translator which he did to come up with the book of mormons and then lost the tablets and the translator!

I have heard, haven’t verified at the moment, they have special under-garments and so many other crazy beliefs that I will not list here but I will populate as and when I lay my hand on the said material.

That said, sit back and enjoy the video.