Genesis 44

The Brothers Are Brought Back

When we ended the previous chapter, Joseph had ordered a banquet for his brothers who have still not recognized him[ how damn are they?]. This chapter starts by Joseph conspiring with his house steward to set up his brothers. As in the many instances in the previous chapters, whenever we are being set up for an incredible story, the other co-conspirators do not protest or are not given that opportunity to express displeasure. As with this story, it would be hard to justify the crime against the brothers. They do not load the bags, they have not conspired with the stewards so they would just easily have told Joseph to go hang or to talk to the steward about the silver and the gold cup and the matter should rest there. No bowing before Joseph, no apologies!

What benefit does Joseph gain by making Benjamin his slave unless he wants to exact his revenge on his brothers for selling him to the Egyptians. In fact, by now they would have been suspicious of him. In the first instance he returns their silver when there is a world famine and everyone is buying food from Egypt then on their next visit they are treated to a banquet, please! even I would inquire as to the identity of the good man who treats us so well. I wouldn’t just let it pass and I doubt you would.

Lastly if there is a world famine and everyone is buying food from Egypt, I except the silos would be a beehive of activity unless the world population is just several hundred people. The store keeper wouldn’t be asking anyone if they have a father at home or if they have other brothers. What business of his is that? How does that relate to selling grain and that is the point where the brothers would have become suspicious. I wouldn’t easily divulge any information that I don’t think is relevant to the business at hand, I don’t know about you though.

The chapter ends with Judah pleading with Joseph to take him as his slave and let Benjamin go since if they are to go home without him, their father will surely die. I wish he tried this for us to see whether the old man dies.

Please don’t go away.