Genesis 45

Joseph Deals Kindly with His Brothers

In the last chapter, for those who have forgotten by now, Joseph has set up his brothers and they are brought back to Egypt accused of stealing among other things his divination cup, silver and I can’t remember what else.

In this chapter, however, from the very beginning we are made to believe that he is filled with emotion that he had to send out all the Egyptians just to introduce himself to his kinsmen. I don’t know who to believe, the brothers who are dismayed or Joseph who doubts whether their father is still alive. He tells them it is not them who sold him to Egypt but that Elohim sent him to save food for them due to the impending famine.

He manages to get pharaoh into the mix and he issues sweeping orders among them they be given food, donkeys and silver to go bring their family to Egypt. I don’t know why they were given so much and why would Pharaoh the ruler of all Egypt care about a single Hebrew family?

They say a picture can take the space of 1000 words, I let this do the speaking!

Joseph reveals himself by Jean Charles Tardieu

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