Why I am an atheist

In 1903, a lovely lady wrote a letter to a Kentucky based newspaper that had asked for entries from atheists.

It is simply a beautiful letter and I think 100 plus years later, the reasons she gave are still true and will remain as such. There was so much hope in 1903, I hope this can be renewed in our times.

Movie and book reviews

Friends, we are that point again when I do reviews of books and movies that have occupied my time since the last review.

1. God and the Folly of faith By Victor Stenger

This tome addresses the conflict or incompatibility between science and religion and gives a summary of the beginning of this conflict. The author shows with convincing examples why there is a conflict and argues that for humanity to move forward,

God and the folly of faith

religion must go to its deathbed. The conflict arises in the methods science and religion uses to arrive at a truth. Theologians have modeled their god to fit the changing themes in our realities, this god is not the same god preached in church pews.

2. The dictator

This is one of the most ridiculous movie. It is based on a fictitious country with a far from intelligent dictator as a ruler. This is an interesting movie for a bad day.

3. Why Evolution is true by Jerry Coyne

This is an easy to read tome on the evidence for evolution written by biologist J.C. He explores the evidence for evolution and answers the different arguments by the Intelligent Design proponents. It can be read by anyone from teachers of biology to non-biologist interested in learning how life has progressed as conceptualized by Darwin and has been developed with increasing evidence to this point in time.

4. The Birthing of the Godman by Kenneth Humphreys

In this small book [less than 150pages], the author explores the historicity of Jesus and concludes that it is faces several logical and historical problems that it is possible to conclude he didn’t exist.

5. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

This classical novel by a literary giant is so beautiful, saying anything about it wouldn’t add to it’s beauty! ‘Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta; the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to trap at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta‘ If you have read Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, you’ll agree with me on the power of beginning paragraphs as we see here.

6. The peaceful warrior

The ten commandments 2.0

I would have preferred that we keep this till we get to the commandments later as we go along with our systematic bible study but I think since it does no harm to have an updated version of the commandments as conceptualized by the late C. Hitchens.

You are free to create your own version so that by the time we get there, you will have made enough contributions to this great human endeavour.


Genesis 47

Jacob’s Family Settles in Goshen

At the close of the previous chapter, I said the old patriarch and his household have packed and come into Egypt. The old man is 130 years, and when he meets Pharaoh the ultimate ruler he blesses him! The scribes at this point have surely not read the earlier verse that decreed the days of man shall not exceed 120 years. Jake/ Israel will live to be 147 years and before dying he asks Jose to swear he will not be buried in Egypt. Since the bible is not yet written, they swear by placing hands on the thigh, what I way to swear!

We are faced with a problem, the reason for leaving Canaan or wherever it was they lived was because of a famine. If there is famine in Egypt as well, what will the livestock feed on? If the Egyptians see livestock as abominable and his family came here at his behest, then why ask them to sell their property? And why do they offer themselves into slavery so easily? Isn’t easy to go back home than to be slaves unless this is written after the event as most stories in this [sic]holy book are?

People are offering their parcels of land or are willingly selling themselves to slavery and here is the contention; if the reason the Egyptians were asked to store food was so that they will have enough reserve for the duration of the famine, why then do they have to be slaves to get the food? Is it possible that a whole population become slaves? There could have been resourceful Egyptians who had stored their own food and would not need to sell their land or themselves to become slaves! Has the store keeper mismanaged the reserves? If the famine is global as we were told at the interpretation of the Pharaoh’s dream, doesn’t it follow that we would have had an influx of people into Egypt that the reserves would have been depleted within months and there would be death by starvation and if anyone survived the famine would be too malnourished to reproduce and we will have said goodbye to man at this point in time?

It is here for the first time we find priests under the protection of the ruling class which has remained to this day in many places. If there was famine and the priests were exempt, I bet their property would have been torched to the ground or taken by force for the open inequality it would have displayed in the midst of a starving and suffering populace even the pharaoh wouldn’t have survived. If anyone has doubts, then read what happened during the French revolution where even the monarchy wasn’t spared but suffered the brunt of the poor and the middle class!  The priests did not sell their land but lived off an allowance by pharaoh and a tax was also introduced[any Egyptians here, do you still pay the 1/5th to pharaoh?] where again the priests were exempt and if this is not the reason churches don’t pay tax in many places, I will need to be told a better explanation.