9 thoughts on “Just a thought

  1. Umm… well… no ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. j. says:

    As a Christian, all human life is sacred so no to both. As an atheist, all human life is only a result of primordial soup evolving after millions & millions & millions of years! So the life of a mosquito or cockroach is no different from a human beings!


    • As an atheist, all life is precious to me — even animal life. If you have read the bible cover to cover, you know that Christianity condones killing of entire races of people and of course animals (that’s a given in the bible, it seems).

      Personally, I could never live my life by such an immoral code as the bible.


    • makagutu says:

      j. you seem not to know anything about atheists. If there are people who value life, all life, most of them are definitely atheists. We don’t threaten anyone with hell and besides, your god seems to have a murderous streak. He kills entire races or condones the killing of innocents, you then can’t tell as a christian you think life is sacred when your god doesn’t think so. Are you acting in defiance to your god?


  3. j. says:

    With all due respect guys I think your “belief system”(Though I know you will dispute that it is) all is mixed up! First off, atheism and evolution go hand in hand! The driving force in evolution is “struggle” or “survival for the fittest” According to evolution homo sapiens are only here because of the death of lower incompetent life forms. Hence death of misfits is beneficial! Thus all life cannot be equal. Atheists have become so confused about this issue that you will find them going at to every extent to protect endangered species of animals & plants and on the same breath fight for the “right” to kill their own babies in the name of being “pro choice” and advocating for abortion on demand! I often wonder, if evolution is true and lower life forms should die off, why do scientists who believe in evolution fight for endangered species. Inst that how evolution works. “survival for the fittest?” You guys are soft atheists! A true atheist should follow the logical conclusion of the philosophy survival for the fittest. And the logical conclusion is that we should not even have hospitals that prolong the life of “misfits”!


    • makagutu says:

      Ordinarily I wouldn’t respond to such drivel, but since you find the time to read and comment I will point something out that you seem not to recognise, there are abortions everyday in Kenya; me and you know the people having those abortions are not atheists but are christian, muslim or hindu or ladies who feel the pregnancy came at a bad time. If you have evidence to the contrary show me and while at it, atheistic societies have no population problems since the women have fewer children or none at all!
      Well survival for the fittest is at the gene level, and it doesn’t mean killing, it means the gene that allows a specie to propagate itself gets to be favoured and that is it. Now whether you accept evolution or you don’t is not my business.
      It is you who sees other people as misfits, not me or my friends, so you are likely to shun them than I would.
      As I have always said, if atheism is a belief then ‘off’ is a tv channel. It has been said evolution is denied by those who know nothing about it and defended by those who have read it, i don’t know where you fall ๐Ÿ™‚


    • So, J. I guess you don’t realize it, but from your last reply, you have demonstrated that you don’t actually understand how evolution works.
      Don’t feel embarrassed though because this misunderstanding is common.
      There is no superior or inferior in evolution, just better adapted to a particular environment. Being taller may be better for one environment, being shorter may be better for another. How do I know you don’t know about this? From these quotes:

      “According to evolution homo sapiens are only here because of the death of lower incompetent life forms.”

      So, you can see that “lower” doesn’t work with evolution.
      Also, “incompetent” doesn’t work either.

      Then you said:

      “Hence death of misfits is beneficial!”

      So, in this case, the concept of “misfits” doesn’t work with evolution.

      As for the main point, consider this. You believe that this world is real, I assume. There is also death in this world. Why do you believe in a world in which there is death? Do you love death? No.

      Likewise, evolutionary theory believes that death is a reality. Does this mean evolutionary theory loves death? No.

      I hope you read this, because I’ve spent some time trying to help you not make a fool out of yourself in the future. I hope I didn’t waste my time.


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