Let my people go

Moses has gone to see the pharaoh to ask for the peeps to be let go a three-day journey to make sacrifices to their god. As you’d expect if pharaoh doesn’t buy it and to show his displeasure orders that the Israelites be given more work for he feels they have become many and are now a lazy lot that is why they want to go and pray, don’t you just like this guy 🙂

The people of Israel aren’t amused either and go to Moses and this is what they tell him …21 They said to them, “May the Lord look upon you and judge you, for you have made us odious in Pharaoh’s sight and in the sight of his servants, to put a sword in their hand to kill us.” And who can blame them? If Moses hadn’t talked to burning bushes, they would be alright now, their work has been increased and the conditions just became worse.

Moses can’t take the blame himself so he goes back to the source of all this and says…. 22 Then Moses returned to the Lord and said, “O Lord, why have You brought harm to this people? Why did You ever send me? 23 Ever since I came to Pharaoh to speak in Your name, he has done harm to this people, and You have not delivered Your people at all.” Let us see how he responds.

Was god willing but unable to convince the pharaoh to release the sons of Israel without having to resort to punishment, death and mystery?



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6 thoughts on “Let my people go

  1. mixedupmeme says:

    Trying to imagine Moses with a Smart Phone


    • makagutu says:

      sending god a geotagged message of suffering sons of Israel and forwarding pharaoh a text from god. he must have been busy but a smart phone would have helped him i guess


  2. Suzanne Olson-Hyde says:

    Well, what would anybody of even average intelligence think of someone talking to a bush, burning or not. Gives “Not Happy Campers” a whole new meaning.

    Good blog.


  3. j. says:

    In deed a text taken out of context is a pretext! I wonder how one could have read the text and miss it like that! Moses was very sane! What drew him to the bush was the fact that it was on fire yet it wasn’t being consumed! That is what drew him to it. Simply from human experience anything on fire gets consumed or undergoes a chemical change depending of the degree of thermal energy involved! You guys have a misguided notion that people of old were nit wits. Yet Even with our advances of science we have no clue how the pyramids of Egypt(which were constructed around the period of Moses (or arguably a few decades before). They assembled stones of up to 80 tonnes. Yet there is no technology available today that can even lift such weight!


    • makagutu says:

      Tell me j. what verse is taken out of context unless you have not been following, I started from Genesis 1, I haven’t skipped a verse or a chapter sop what context is this you are referring to?
      On the contrary, the dimwits are the ones who wrote the bible. The rest like the Aztecs, the Sumerians, The Greeks, The Egyptians of old were fay to advanced.


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