whose fault is it

Having been given a spokesman and power of sorcery, Moses now faces Pharaoh in the hope of prevailing upon him to release the sons of Israel so they could go and worship the lord their god in the wilderness and since the lord has set up pharaoh to refuse, he doesn’t let the sons of Israel and we have from here the signs from on high.

There is a show of might between Moses/ Aaron on one side and pharaoh’s sorcerers on the other. When Aaron’s staff becomes a snake even the sorcerers’ staffs become snakes but they are eaten by Aaron’s serpent. I need help here, was the serpent here venomous or not and what family of snakes did it belong to? Were they black mambas, puff udders or rock pythons, someone please help.

This will be my case against god if he were to exist, why had he to kill the marine life? Is it there was no better way to free the sons of Israel that did not involve destroying whole ecosystems? As you well know, am not a student of medicine, someone tell me if water can turn to blood? Or did god, Moses and Aaron collectively make the water so dirty it looked red but even this is hard to explain. Dirty water is brown or green if there isย algaeย and almost black if you have oil spill, red I haven’t seen unless when I dip my finger after cutting it in a cup of water.

On other news, if pharaoh’s sorcerers could achieve the same result as Moses and Aaron, then god is not great all the same.

I have a last question, if all the water is blood in wells, jars and the Nile where do the sons of Israel get water? If this state of affairs went on for 7 days, where did cows and other animals get water to drink? What was their wrongdoing that they also had to suffer? And finally wouldn’t have been easier for god to make pharaoh and his army sleep for several days when the sons of Israel walked to freedom at anytime without having to kill fishes, frogs, poison water and so on? Just asking!

Between Moses and Aaron who is the oldest of the two?

Moses and Aaron turn water into to blood



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