12 Angry men

As your host, I think we have had a lot of religion going on here and today I want us to sit back and be entertained. If you have read The Brothers Karamozov, you will see the parallels in this movie and the trial of Mitya who is accused of killing the family patriarch. In the case of Mitya, the battle is fought between the lawyers and we see an outstanding performance first by the prosecutor and at that moment, even though it is evident to the reader he [Mitya] is innocent of the blood of his father. The defense lawyer makes a sterling performance and for a moment we think the jury is going to let Mitya free but they return a guilty verdict.

Here, the movie starts with the judge giving the jury instructions telling them what duty they have in their hands and adds she does not envy their position. It is not my intention to spoil the fun for you. I hope you get time to watch and share your thoughts.



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