I know of no church creed that is as beautiful as this one we have down here and I hope all of us will at least try to live by it. Let this be your new creed and while at it, I ask that you enjoy living here and stop preparing for a life in the hereafter. A belief in the hereafter obscures the problems we need to surmount in the here and the now. I hope this is achievable.

Become a courageous human being and do the best you can under any and all circumstances in this imperfect and troublesome world.

Be brave enough to live and be brave enough to die, knowing that when the Grim Reaper comes, you did the best you could and that the world is better for your having lived.

A god could do no more.

I will stand between you and the hosts of heaven.

I am not afraid.

I will act as your attorney before the Bar of Judgement.

I will assume all responsibility.

My services are free.

Put the blame on me.

Break the chains of mental slavery to religious superstition.

Arise and become a free and independent human being.

Dignify yourself as a Man, and justify your living by being a Brother to all Mankind and a Citizen of the Universe.

An Atheist Manifesto by Joseph Lewis.