A contradiction of sorts

Friends, it has occurred to me that in the theist’s mind, especially the christian, there exists a serious contradiction that I find hard to explain. In this post am going to try to detail some of this contradictions and look forward to hearing your thoughts about them as well.

I will start from what the christian believes will happen to the unbeliever in nether world. He believes when the Grim Reaper calls the unbeliever he will send him/her straight to hell to be administered to by the devil. The believer has in their mind that the unbeliever is an agent of the devil working hard to lead them astray, now tell me, if I have been working for the devil is he going to punish me or will he not prepare the choice wines for his followers? If god is preparing a heaven full of bliss for his children, the devil must do the same unless we change the administration of hell to be a good but malicious angel of god and not his antagonist. What say you?

My second concern comes from the genesis story of creation and subsequent warnings at the fall of man. Anyone who has read the story is aware that Adam and Eve had no knowledge of good and evil, had no knowledge of what it means to die, what it means to give birth and labour, so what was god getting at when he issued edicts that they will die if they eat of the fruit of knowledge or that henceforth child-birth will be a painful experience and that man shall have to toil to eat, please help me with this.

My next problem is in the way the christian apologist twists the meaning of words to suit his purpose. Now why do I say this? Any rational person alive today, maybe except some extremist Muslim somewhere in Afghanistan, knows that to command genocide is evil. To kill first-born of families for no fault of their own is malicious or to drown an entire generation of people is beyond description; the theist says we can’t know what is good in god’s eye or mind I don’t know whether it has this things in the first place anyway. Should that be the case, then what meaning has the word good if god considers drowning an entire generation good? Do we really need to worship such a god? Please tell me!

The theist objects to suicide that it is against the edicts of their god. Now consider that the first christian, the one who died on the cross, if he lived, committed suicide except he abdicated the responsibility. Why I bring this up is to ask, is an all-powerful and all-knowing god deficient in ideas? Every time he has had need to purify the human race, he has chosen death as his modus operandi. Does he need our help in coming up with more humane methods of conflict resolution?

I don’t understand why the theist prays. You ask him, he says he doesn’t want to change the mind of god but to know god’s will. Now tell me, maybe am wrong, but the many times I hear a prayer, someone is asking for rain, for good health, for a job. Is this the will of god you are trying to find, are you trying to change his mind or are you asking him to act in your favour? But if he is an omniscient being, hasn’t it occurred to you that he knows you’d be making such a prayer and he knows how is going to act such that making the prayer in itself is an act in futility. Maybe I don’t understand it well, please someone help!

The theist makes a positive claim that their god is just and merciful. Forget that the two qualities are in themselves contradictory, this just god punishes everyone except the responsible person. Let me explain; in genesis when man fails he punishes man while in real the person with the greatest responsibility is this god. He created satan more intelligent than man, he placed the fruit in the garden and he was all-knowing. In the chain of events, he ought to bear the greatest responsibility, if anything he owes man an apology. When Pharaoh, who god hardened his heart, fails to release the sons of Israel who god had led to slavery, he kills every first-born even of slave girls. Please tell me what justice, what mercy this is? When Moses disappears to talk to god for forty days and returns finding the people with a golden god, who does he punish, all the men except the family of Levi. When David has Uriah killed who does he punish, the baby or David? Please tell me where the justice and mercy is?

Here am a little confused. Jesus we are told preached to multitudes of people and that one point he fed 5k men; this count doesn’t include women and children. He preached in synagogues, by the riverside and entered triumphantly, if riding donkeys is triumphant, into Galilee and nowhere are we told the soldiers lived in garrisons or barracks, why would someone be needed to betray a celebrity of this kind? Anyone would identify him in a crowd? Did they just want to transfer the guilt of his suicide to Judas? All generations have vilified Judas for the betrayal, did he have a choice? While at table Jesus says one of you here is going to betray me, if he already had foreknowledge, why didn’t he call Judas aside and tell him not to do it? Where was his power at this time? Please while answering this questions don’t bring that line that I need to be a bible scholar to understand zilch in the bible, god would have said so himself. If he wants to be worshiped by intelligent men, he has to do be as clear as is omnipotent-ly possible or else he throws the tag omnipotent out of the window.

I want to stop here in the anticipation that you’ll be kind enough to help shed light on these matters that are between me and your god. Maybe there could be a change of heart.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

14 thoughts on “A contradiction of sorts

  1. Wow, a lot of thoughts to think of.
    The believer has no idea if the god of the garden was a god as he is later described or the satan that came as a snake. The attributes of such a god would not allow the snake in unless that god were the snake otherwise.

    Like I said, there is reason to believe that the ‘god’ of the garden is the same who appeared as a snake. From this account of the beginning of humanity, there is no reason to believe that anything other than the satan was involved.

    It’s not the meaning of the words, but the morality behind them. For the true believer it is necessary that all that their god does is moral despite their own misgivings about it. Whatever their god does is moral because they believe that their god created them and has full ownership of them and can do as he wishes with them. That are, the poor bastards, victims of the notion that they are slaves without recourse.

    You are not wrong to ask this. Murder and killing is wrong, unless god does it or orders it to be done. We are to forgive our enemies but god only forgives those that cannot hurt him. At best, this pithy little god is strangely afraid and likes blood and sacrifices… It’s almost as if he was invented by some bronze aged meth-heads.

    Prayer makes no sense whatsoever. It never has and never will. It’s literally child’s play to pick prayer apart. Somehow it makes them feel good about themselves. They tap into the value of meditation and call it god even though there is no way that it works or could work. It is logically unsound and filled with fail.

    Like I said, there is every reason to believe that this bible tells the story of the satan as if it were god. Loki at work, I suspect. The believers really can’t tell you because hardly a one of them reads the book to begin with. Those that do read it skip the parts they can’t make sense of. If they actually read it and thought about it, they’d be asking the same questions you are.

    The judas story is more of this blood letting. You can’t transfer a sun god myth to a real man without having some straw men to set on fire. The reason that most of the bible / jesus story does not make sense is because it is a sun god myth (taken from many others) which is applied to a supposed real man. When you do that it gets all kind of fscked up.

    If you study a bit about horus, mithra, and others you’ll see that all that has happened is someone got a bit of eastern budhism knowledge and decided to redo the sungod myths.. this person was Jewish so based it on the jewish holy texts and viola, YHWH the war god suddenly has a ‘son’ who is a god… get it? Son god? Every last bit of it is made up, fabricated, regurgitated from previous myths with a Jewish taint on it. All the astrology bits included. Moses got pissed off about the bull worship, but hey, we can get away with the sun… errr… son worship if we do it right. Of course the words were not mixable like this at the time, but you get the drift.

    There is nothing about Christianity that makes sense outside of jewish myth and sun worship. To make sense of it you have to leave your logic and reason in the trash.


    • makagutu says:

      Interesting analysis of the snake in the garden. i hadn’t considered that possibility before.
      I looked at a history of sun worship and there are many references in the bible that could be inferred to refer to sun worship. Look at the story of Samson and his hair, which I think could refer to sun rays, even the depiction of Jesus in every picture has everything to do with the sun.


  2. john zande says:

    Mak, I was going to answer each point individually then I gave up. Logic doesn’t have a home in dogma and trying to apply it causes brain burn. I know if you wanted to (and had the time) you could have written another 100,000 words and only been warming up. That’s why I like your “bible lesson” posts so much. The contradictions are hilarious and you seem to actually have the patience to take it apart line by line.


    • makagutu says:

      When I think about it, since almost every chapter will be contradicted by the next, it would require several volumes to do it. We need time to watch movies and read other interesting books you know, though, we also must help christians as much as we can to see that the book they call holy is far from any divine revelation even such a thing were remotely possible.


  3. I thought your bit about God’s modus operandi always being murder was quite hilarious. Just imagining God as this all-powerful being with no creativity is just a funny image!

    Random parent:”God, please help my son Johnny. He didn’t study hard for his math test and got a C”

    God:”hmmm… Not honouring your parents, huh Johnny? I suppose death is a good solution to this problem! Die Johnny, die!”


    • makagutu says:

      It appears the christian especially and religious people do not consider such matters when they claim omnipotence for their god only to notice he is limited in options that every time he intends to bring order, lets kill them is the order he gives no wonder most religions at some point have been busy killing those who don’t believe as they do. They learnt from their god.


  4. religion, especially Christianity, is only about obedience, not about benevolence. Repeatedly, we see that gods do not care about the idea of helping humanity. They only care about obedience, with its associated reward/punishment.


  5. I was going to brake this down by points and try to rationalize each from the perspective of a theist, but it was becoming too large. Instead, I’ve provided what I think a theist may argue, with regard to your first contradiction.

    The Devil – I think the concept of “evil” is behind the reason the Devil doesn’t treat each new follower with benevolence. It’s truly evil to not only treat your enemies poorly, but to also treat those that are on your side poorly.

    For the most part, the rest are simply examples of logical fallacies. I don’t think that surprises you though. 🙂


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