Has freethought/atheism a constructive side?

The freethinker knows that all priests and cardinals and popes know nothing of the supernatural- they know nothing about gods or angels or heavens or hells- nothing about inspired books or Holy Ghosts, or incarnations or atonements. He knows that all this is superstition pure and simple. He knows also that these people- from pope to priest, from bishop to parson, do not the slightest good in this world – that they live upon the labors of others- that they earn nothing themselves- that they contribute nothing toward the happiness or well being, or the wealth of mankind. He knows that they trade and traffic in ignorance and fear, that they make merchandise of hope and grief- and he also knows that in every religion the priest insists on five things

  1. There is a god
  2. He has made known his will
  3. He has selected me to explain this message
  4. We will now take up collection; and
  5. Those who fail to subscribe will certainly be damned.

R. G Ingersoll