The things I believe

Atheism which is a lack of belief in gods is seen by many theists as negative, many theists go so far as saying atheists believe in nothing which is just plain wrong. Many atheists have written treatise to dispel this notion and today I want to add my list of the many things I believe and hope you my good friends can populate the list.

  • I believe no god created the universe.
  • I believe no god could create the universe and lack raw material to create woman;
  • I believe that of children born of women just are,  and that none is either good or bad some will turn out bad & some bad good. I believe we are not depraved species;
  • I believe voluntary dying is a powerful thing. It shifts the responsibility from nature to the person dying;
  • I believe no man should be master of another. I abhor all forms of slavery;
  • I believe that religion as a whole is a blemish on our collective intelligence as a race;
  • I believe life is absurd and meaningless in and of itself but we can create meaning;
  • I believe if any gods exist, they had no choice on our laws. They couldn’t have commanded otherwise.
  • I believe no virgins were made pregnant by the gods;
  • I believe no said son of god died for my sins. I believe no one can be responsible for the evil I do to my fellow-man. I must make amends to those I injure;
  • I believe no man or woman should be married at the exchange rate of cows, goats and sheep. I believe marriage is a union of two consenting adults, every other person is an observer and should shut the hell up;
  • I believe no gods can condemn a man for holding an honest belief. I believe further if not all men are saved no one man should be saved;
  • I believe the universe behaves as it would if there was no deity;
  • I believe we can help each other to be great:
  • I believe in living fully for the moment;
  • I believe it is prudent to make a saving for a rainy day should one such occur[I think this is mainly because at the moment I fear poverty lol]