who wrote the bible?

We are pretty sure Moses didn’t write the first five books of the bible, we know Job didn’t write the book bearing his name, we know Matthew, Mark, John of Zebedee, Luke and so many others bearing their names didn’t write the books ascribed to them, heck, we don’t know if these guys graced the planet what we do know however is that a group of people wrote the bible at different times for a period stretching close to 1000 years?[or somewhere close]. Since am not a bible scholar, this post is not meant as such but to introduce a friend of mine who I would expect that you find time, especially the theists, to read to understand a bit of how the bible was cobbled up before we start an argument on whether it is the word of a deity or not.

Here, you will find what is called Graf-Wellhausen Documentary Hypothesis and it is my hope that you will read the introduction where he covers the origin of the gods and the different creation stories and other interesting stuff. 

Enjoy your reading 🙂