God belief as an insult to our collective intelligence

How gladly one would exchange the false claims of priests- that there is a god who demands good from us, who is guradian and witness of each act, each moment, each thought, who loves us and wants the best for us in every misfortune- how gladly one would exchange these claims for truths which would be just as salutary claiming and soothing as those errors! But there are no such truths; at the most, philosophy can oppose those errors with other metaphysical fictions. But the tragic thing is that we can no longer believe those dogmas of religion and metaphysics, once we have the rigorous method of truth in our hearts and heads, and yet on the other hand, the development of mankind has made us so delicate, sensitive and ailing that we need the most potent of cures and comforts hence arises the danger that man might bleed to death from the truth he has recognized.

Of course, any degree of frivolity or melancholy is better than a romantic regression and desertion, an approach to christianity in any form; for one can simply not engage in christianity, given the present state of knowledge, without hopelessly soiling his intellectual conscience and abandoning it to himself and to others.

F Nietzsche

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

4 thoughts on “God belief as an insult to our collective intelligence

  1. Mike says:

    Agree on this but I see it unfair for Christians. This should be generalized to include Jews, Muslims, and any kind of diety worshipping as GOD IS AN INSULT TO HUMAN INTELLIGENCE.


  2. jondayblog says:

    In the deserved absence of religion, for all the reasons above, it is unfortunate that it seems relativism has filled its place. It is ironic that the absence of faith in a god should result in a lazy thinking which uses relativism to justify almost any amoral action.
    But secular does not mean evil or wrong. It means an acceptance of personal responsibility and the use of our ‘thinking minds’ to find our way to behaviours which do not destroy and erode but which create and build.
    Take a peek at
    And if you have time read some Bertrand Russell, who denied religion but who had faith in people.


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