Dawkins debates Wiiliams

The Christian Post where this video appears has a titled Dawkins looses to Williams at Cambridge University. Did Dawkins & Co  really lose? Dawkins asks the most important question here, is religion true? If it is not true, then the benefits people claim to accrue from religion would still be reached without religion.

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2 thoughts on “Dawkins debates Wiiliams

  1. Liberty of Thinking says:

    Good morning good Friend,
    I have assisted to such debates, participated in them, assisted opponents in preparation, etc. If you would know what’s behind the scenes and how much PR is involved. This is like football, only that it is aimed at IQs over 120:-)
    Dawkins again…
    As I have expressed my opinion elsewhere, but no one seems to love me since:-D ,these are debates mimicking logic, but having nothing to do with it…
    Let me explain a bit:
    Evolutionists try using logic to scientifically explain how a “we don’t know how it got here pile of c**p turned into life dwelt matter by aimless randomness”, while religious creationists try using logic to scientifically explain how a “being about whom a friend of mine heard about from his relative’s friend, created this pile of c**p from diligently chosen and carefully guided non-pre-existent eternal morphological units”…
    You know what’s allways my heart’s cry when seeing these futile brain gymnastics?
    “Is there a psychiatrist here, please?”

    From the ward next door;-)



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