Buildings I like

Taj Mahal, a symbol of love. A perfect symmetry from any side. A master piece. It took I think 25 years to build.

Today I want to share some architectural masterpieces from several periods with you. You may not like my choices but I think they are great buildings and for each I give a reason why.

The Colosseum at Rome. One of the stadiums designed with safety in mind. The stadium could be evacuated in so short a time you can’t believe it.

The Parthenon in Athens


Parliament at Dhaka by Louis Isidore Khan one of America’s greatest architects. I love the planning, the lighting and the siting of the building. It is truly a national monument.

Pyramid at Giza. You cannot get anywhere today any perfect pyramid as these great pyramids in Egypt.

Antonio Gaudi’s Casa Mila. A sculptor of a building