A brother can dream

Recently I was reading a treatise on friendship, De Amicitia, Scipio’s Dream by Cicero, where you learn they already knew about the planets[ I think they already knew about 7 or 8] and the planetary systems and for a while it occurred to me this blemish called Christianity real did take our civilization back many years.

You see when Rome fell and the Christians took over with the help of Constantine they, for lack of a better term, raped and pillaged the great libraries at places like Alexandra, Rome and Athens, burned books[who burns books anyway] then for the books they didn’t burn wrote over them.

This is now the brother’s dream, where could we have been had we moved progressively from the Greek to Roman to the present without these religious madness advanced by Christians and their mad brothers who felt they needed to use swords to spread their religion and now use grenades[you see religion makes use of science too :)]?

Just think about it for a moment. This assignment would be difficult if you have no idea of the Greek, Egyptian and Romanย civilizationsย of old and you may start from there to get a brief overview and even though my friends don’t like Wikipedia, it is a good place to start.

On the future of our educational institutions

by Friedrich Nietzsche

Friends it has been a while since we talked about Nietzsche, my second greatest after Socrates and today since I feel really lazy to review these set of lectures am going to be generous and as my gift for the holidays, someone tell me it is the winterย solstice? am going to give you the book, each one of you to read for yourselves.

On the future of our educational institutions[pdf]

When you finish please share with me what kind of education you received wherever it is you went to school.