A brother can dream

Recently I was reading a treatise on friendship, De Amicitia, Scipio’s Dream by Cicero, where you learn they already knew about the planets[ I think they already knew about 7 or 8] and the planetary systems and for a while it occurred to me this blemish called Christianity real did take our civilization back many years.

You see when Rome fell and the Christians took over with the help of Constantine they, for lack of a better term, raped and pillaged the great libraries at places like Alexandra, Rome and Athens, burned books[who burns books anyway] then for the books they didn’t burn wrote over them.

This is now the brother’s dream, where could we have been had we moved progressively from the Greek to Roman to the present without these religious madness advanced by Christians and their mad brothers who felt they needed to use swords to spread their religion and now use grenades[you see religion makes use of science too :)]?

Just think about it for a moment. This assignment would be difficult if you have no idea of the Greek, Egyptian and Roman civilizations of old and you may start from there to get a brief overview and even though my friends don’t like Wikipedia, it is a good place to start.

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13 thoughts on “A brother can dream

  1. I will first prophecy a bit: theists will try to claim that their religions preserved ancient knowledge rather than destroy it and if that convinces no one (it shouldn’t if you know history), they will claim that people would war against each other anyway so nothing is their religion’s fault.

    I was thinking something about this while driving today. If we had not had religions that were based on expansion and the delusion of a “chosen people” (Christianity and Islam spring most easiest to mind), could we have been much farther along to a more common society, a “monoculture” if you will (science fiction often presents these). All societies generally want to expand and find their own cultures the “best”. but if religion wasn’t telling them that some omnipotent being agreed with them, would they be quite so believing in their own propaganda? Well, probably close, we are humans after all. But at least we’d have one less reason to kill each other.

    If we did not go through a time period where Christianity was more interested in the supposed return of their god and not pulling themselves up by their bootstraps after Rome, and then through another time period where two groups of theists fought over a supposed magical city and whose imaginary friend was strongest and THEN where two sects of one religion decimated Europe over whose version of the imaginary friend and what it “really wanted” Oh yes, and then more waste of people and time with colonialism that was driven by thoughtless greed and religion, I think we could have been visiting other planet in our solar system much much earlier.

    It doesn’t focus much on religion, but Guns, Germs and Steel is an interesting, if ponderous, book on how cultures grow and change.


    • makagutu says:

      I have put the book in my to read list which unfortunately is growing longer by the day.
      I agree without these religious wars of over 6 centuries we would have already left the solar system and going to the moon or other planets close to us would have been done so long ago.
      I hope we leave a better heritage to our children’s children!


  2. Though it’s certainly not new – I read it in my teens – one of the best books of the ancient civilizations would have to be The History of the World, by Will Durant.


  3. This thought occurs to more than a few people when they realize that religion really is not true. The justification for all that suffering is gone and it makes no sense beyond what sense can be made of WWII or Rwanda et al.

    All of the good in the world today does not make up for the pain caused by religious ferver… which would not be there without religion. Time to throw it to the curb and stomp on it’s ugly head.


    • makagutu says:

      Oh yes but the biggest problem, at least according to me, is the religious do actually go out and fill the earth so that for every Atheist there are several religious people to deal with. The ratio is so uneven it is disturbing.


      • Clearly, I’m not suggesting that we stomp religious people on the head, rather the ideology of religions. Enter militant atheism 😉

        An idea, no matter the number of its adherents can die. When it dies it dies fairly quickly in terms of historical significance. Slavery is one such dead idea in most places on this planet. Aristocracy as rule of law is generally a dead idea. To kill an idea it takes more than showing that it is wrong, one has to demonstrate that there are better ways, better ideas and why they are better. This necessitates talking about the harm that religion has done and why it is not necessary to achieve good. Note that the ‘dead ideas’ I’ve listed live on in name or sporadic usage. So are dead languages used sporadically. The goal is to make religion as a dead language.

        What is the better ideology? Science? Law of reciprocity? Humans are basically good?

        It takes a change of thought methodology and we are on the verge of it. Philosophy has not changed much in the amount of time that religion has existed. Why is that? When we understand the human consciousness differently religion will no longer be necessary and can be discarded like a dead language.

        Read my about page. I think it says that is what I’m interested in. It is no coincidence that understanding consciousness and anti-theism strike a harmonious chord in my mind.


  4. john zande says:

    Coincidence that the period dominated by Christianity was also called The Dark Ages…?


  5. aguywithoutboxers says:

    History is full of examples of religion (all faiths) suppressing truth, reason,and knowledge in the interest of self-preservation. Religion fosters greed and a thirst for power. It encourages distrust and then hatred for those who believe differently. Where would we be today if we had completely bypassed the age of theocracy? I think a much better place. Excellent posting, as always, my friend. Thank you.


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