On the future of our educational institutions

by Friedrich Nietzsche

Friends it has been a while since we talked about Nietzsche, my second greatest after Socrates and today since I feel really lazy to review these set of lectures am going to be generous and as my gift for the holidays, someone tell me it is the winterย solstice? am going to give you the book, each one of you to read for yourselves.

On the future of our educational institutions[pdf]

When you finish please share with me what kind of education you received wherever it is you went to school.


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6 thoughts on “On the future of our educational institutions

  1. john zande says:

    I can’t possibly read that today


  2. aguywithoutboxers says:

    I attended a residential school for the Deaf. Our educational curricula was determined by federal mandate, state guidelines and the philosophy of Deaf education as specified by the Virginia Association of the Deaf. It is a combination of various learning protocols derived from a variety of schools of thought. Fortunately, by my fifth year, the three hours spent each day trying to teach us to speak was abandoned and attention, instead, directed towards the classics and science.

    The primary method of instruction was tactile and visual. Abstract and logic were incorporated into the learning process for those of us who were on the academic/technology curriculum as opposed to those on the apprentice/trade curriculum.


    • makagutu says:

      I will let you read the lectures first then we can talk about the type of education yours wars. But as a prelude he talks of scientific, formal and classical education. He has no good words for scientific and formal education in the sense, as he says, they do not prepare you to be a man of culture whereas he talks highly of the classical education. He, just like most people who have read Greek culture even if just a bit, treat them in a very a high regard and he sees the Greek life as highest of culture.
      He says modern education trains one to be independent and I think on how to make money something of that sort.


      • aguywithoutboxers says:

        Yes. His preference for the classical academic modem was one of the reasons for the revamping of the learning format when I was in the lower school (although I didn’t know this until much later). We can continue this discussion later, please. It’s the early morning here and I, myself have a class lecture to deliver in six short hours. I don’t really need the beauty sleep ๐Ÿ™‚ but probably should try for a little rest! Much love, my friend.


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