I will start by apologizing to ladysighs who was the donor and not Meme and hope that I will be promptly forgiven :-D.

I haven’t bothered to check with Mo or Jeebus on goldfish, I highly doubt with their obsession with blood, war and sacrifices and in the case of Mo flights on a Pegasus, I doubt they could have time for such beautiful creatures.

What would we do with a memory that lasts three months? For starters, I don’t think we would be superstitious. A guy dies and after three months we have forgotten they existed that is hoping we didn’t take photos with them.

I would get lost trying to trace my upcountry home [I take more than three months before I travel down].

Imagine every three months being introduced to your parents and vice versa. One could just insist on a new pair of parents if for a given reason you didn’t like your parents.

Then a man after three months forgetting he already made his wife pregnant and then inquiring to know who is the father? I think this would be devastating to most especially if the wife is to say I can’t remember.

As an equal opportunity basher, I wish the Christians a happy moment as they take time this weekend to celebrate the greatest metaphor of all time, that is the suicide of god to save humanity from god for sins that Adam and Eve who didn’t exist committed!

And for movie lovers, you need to watch this movie.


This is the second of the gifts from my good friend Meme.

The Koran seems to be silent on silence and the few places where it does talk about silence, it is asking that you be silent. This though shouldn’t worry us, there is a lot on silence we will talk about.

I guess we are a bit lucky, we have 3 mentions of silence or synonyms

And [mention, O Muhammad], when We directed to you a few of the jinn, listening to the Qur’an. And when they attended it, they said, “Listen quietly.” And when it was concluded, they went back to their people as warners.

The people who wrote the Koran believed in superstition. They believed as you can see in the above recitation one who believes in the existence of jinns. It is such kind of little things that help to show that the Koran just like the Torah and Bible originated from a very superstitious and ignorant era.

And if you [believers] invite them to guidance, they will not follow you. It is all the same for you whether you invite them or you are silent.

How wonderful would it be if the faithful followed this advice to just let those who don’t believe be? In Egypt a young Atheist is in jail for posting the stupid movie on Mo that led to the killing of the US ambassador to Libya.

So when the Qur’an is recited, then listen to it and pay attention that you may receive mercy.

This is the last mention of silence I got from the good book and I hope the Muslims follow this command as am sure they must. It really is a funny site passing by a mosque with all the asses facing one direction and all heads facing Mecca. I don’t think there is a rule they don’t follow.

I have been asking myself whether it is by design that the so called holy books are silent on the personages of their most important characters. The Koran tells us almost very little about Mo so much such that we can’t tell whether he was what we are told he was. The biography of Mo that we have is gleaned from hadiths that were written years after he supposedly lived. The Muslims believe the hadiths were composed following a very strict evidential procedure and to back them up they say Bukhari received over 600K collections and only found 7K to be authentic. It is from these that the life, exploits and teaching of the prophet is told. In future posts I will enlighten you on the evidential procedure employed by Bukhari in his momentous task.

Christians don’t fare any better on the question of silence. We are told when Jesus is born, the next time he is 12 and the next time we meet him he is 30. We have been told he died at age 33[I could be wrong] but my friends read any one of the gospels and try and trace his life from the time he is 30 to his suicide and we have a problem of arithmetic. Let me demonstrate; his first miracle is getting people drunk then follows a few sermons in random places, a few parables and then 40 day temptation, entry into Jerusalem, betrayal by Judas[I thought Jeebus was famous and known by every Tom Dick and Harry], suicide and resurrection. Unless this fellow used to preach once every 3 months, I think we will be at pains demonstrating that his mission lasted 3 years.

Something bothers me on this matter of silence too. If god is responsible for creating man, that is, male and female, did he consider half the human population so inappropriate to reveal his teachings to? This situation that has resulted in all the Abrahamic religions treating women as less equal to men whose only duty is to act as incubators. I need to know why the good books are silent on women and when they are talked about they are so demonized!

Am waiting for any christian or Muslim to give me a bio of their supposed prophets.

That my friends is all on silence, we will in future attempt to write on GOLDFISH