There is bad education, and very bad education :-D

I haven’t particularly followed our education system but from what I remember, we receive a good education. The teachers may have so many students to attend to, but they do their best in the circumstances.

There are children in the United States of America who are getting anything but an education. If I were these kids, I would sue every behind responsible for such a bad education.

Are fundamentalist schools up to standard?

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10 thoughts on “There is bad education, and very bad education :-D

  1. emmylgant says:

    Oh Noel! I started to laugh before I clicked on the link. Then, when I saw the title, I was laughing so hard i couldn’t even read the article! i’ll try tomorrow, with the dawn of a new day, I may be able to hold it together till the end of the piece.
    Oh Jeesh! tears are running down my cheeks!


  2. fojap says:

    Althought the materials appear to be American homeschooling books, the schools in question appear to be in the UK. From what I’ve read on blogs there’s been quite a lot of complaint about the latitude that religious schools are allowed there.

    It’s sad to think that anyone would subject children to this. It’s nothing but outright brainwashing. I can’t even imagine a politically conservative believer would want their children taught in that way.

    I actually don’t think that I got that bad an education in the public schools here in the U.S. thirty to forty years ago. It’s funny, they started manufacturing a “crisis” about the qualitiy of the education in order to reduce support for the public schools. When they first made it easier to homeschool children, I originally supported it due to my libertarian streak, however I think in retrospect it’s a bad idea most of the time. I expected that homeschooling would only be done in rare circumstances for special needs kids.


    • makagutu says:

      I think even for special kids, we can have special schools unless the case is extreme.
      It is actually sad that a parent would allow their children to have such a bad education, that is, if we can call it an education.


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