Science vs Religion

We have had this science vs religion debate trying to examine what each has done to humanity. The religious claim they answer the big questions of life. I have listened to their answers and some of them say we are here to serve god, we are here to prepare to go to heaven and you know the others.

I on the other hand think we are here to procreate and die, that is all.

What did science and religion discover last year?

Have we become better?

Do you think compared to other animals, humans are better? Or better still compared to our savage relatives have we become better?

I contend no. Please don’t lynch me, hear me out first then you can join the lynch mob. In quite a few places on this blog, I have written that we are the worst of the animals. Many people, of course, think am wrong to think this way. Let us then revisit this topic to see if there is anything worth being proud of.

Many people claim that since we can talk we are superior to other animals. Why would a cow need to talk to another cow in human language if they are able to reproduce without it?

I have been told we are able to tame other animals and make them work for us. How does this make us superior whereas we end up being their slaves. How many people do you see walking their dogs in the morning or having to feed their cows so that can be able to harvest their milk. I find nothing great in this.

Friends have told me we have the capability to kill other animals. All things being equal, tell me faced with a lion or a tiger and unarmed who will kill the other? Besides how does being able to kill other animals make us any better than our savage relatives.

Now don’t mention technology. Many people take so much pride in the fact that we have gone to the moon, invented planes, managed to cure diseases and so much more. I know you can populate the list but the question is so what? Compared to some of our more primitive relatives, we have destroyed our environment in more ways than one, we have employed technology to kill each other faster and easily. And what difference does it make if we live to be 100 or die when we are 3 months old? What does living a long life amount to?

We claim to be more intelligent than all the other species while we are still the most superstitious! In Bangladesh, three young men are facing trial for being atheist and writing about it, in Kisii [Kenya] people have been burnt alive, yes in this day and age, on suspicion of being witches, somewhere in Cuba [Guantanamo Bay] people are being subjected to torture, somewhere in North Korea a maniac Un is contemplating using nuclear warheads on his country’s enemies, somewhere in Syria the government is busy bombing her own citizens, somewhere in Israel/ Palestine a suicide bomber is preparing himself to kill others while across the border the government has military tanks ready for the offensive. Maybe I am reading all this badly but please tell me how we have become better?

I think Nietzsche said it best when he said it is the human animal who has moved so far from his nature. I think our only saving grace is that we are laughing animals. On all other fronts, we are still savages and worse for it because we think we are better than the next cat.