Go ahead, sign the petition

The Tanzanian government, to me, sometimes does very outrageous things. A year or so ago, they had plans to construct a road a highway through the Serengeti National Park. This highway if constructed would cut across wildlife migratory paths from the Masai Mara in Kenya to Serengeti. The effect of this would be catastrophic to say the least and only public outcry led them to stop.

They are at it again but now not in the Serengeti. This is what they plan to do

Now the government has announced it will clear a huge swath of our land to make way for what it claims will be a wildlife corridor, but many suspect it’s just a ruse to give a foreign hunting corporation and the rich tourists it caters to easier access to shoot at majestic animals. The government claims this new arrangement is some sort of accommodation, but its effect on our people’s way of life will be disastrous. There are thousands of us who could have our lives uprooted, losing our homes, the land on which our animals graze, or both.

If we do nothing, these fine fellows will lose their grazing lands and livelihoods.

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Stand with the Maasai