Theists, help needed!

1. You believe so strongly your god is all powerful and all knowing, whom are you trying to please by engaging in apologetics?

2. Why aren’t Catholics born to Muslim parents if we are born religious?

3. If your god is spirit, incorporeal, how could it will anything?

4. If your god is self sufficient, immutable and unchanging, what happened at the point it decided to create the universe or it became unchanging after that?

5. You insist your god gave us free will so that we can choose to do good or bad, was it difficult to make all our choices between degrees of good?

6. Each of you claim your religious text is the right one, does it occur to you that not all of you can be right, so how do we tell who is right?

7. If this is the word of god as you claim, why so many interpretations as there are believers? Was it impossible for your god to be clear?

8. This should have been the first question, what is god?

9. If you are Muslim, do you believe the heavenly language is Arabic?

10. Do you believe that Mo went to heaven aboard a Pegasus?

11. Do you believe it is fine to have intercourse with 9 year olds?

12. Christians do you think a man survived in a fish for three days?

13. Which direction is heaven?

14. Jews, do you think god cares so much for foreskin from baby penises?

Am tired, I will populate this list with more questions later. Gone to read