The dying messiah: A critique

In the spirit of listening to differing views and intellectual integrity, here is a critique written on Richard Carrier’s Dying messiah[ I haven’t read the piece yet, that is, the one by Carrier], but when I do I will add a postscript here.

The death of Richard Carrier’s Dying Messiah

An introduction

I have been told that since I haven’t read the Koran, I should not comment on it. To add on this I have also been told to read books by Muslims on Islam because atheists are biased and know zilch about Islam. Now most Muslims writing on Islam write in Arabic, the language of their dog, and yours truly doesn’t have the time nor the patience to learn Arabic since I have no intention of wooing a girl in Arabic :-D, English does it for me.

It is for this reason that I introduce a great friend of mine who spends time getting us videos by Muslims on Islam. Please enjoy. My friend is called Mike just so you know.

Errors in the perfect Koran

Islam is a religion of peace

Stupidity in Islam[ I have no better title for this]

Belief in god: liberating or prohibiting

Some things about the Koran

And lastly as a bonus, a post from my friend John

Too stupid for Christianity, try Islam