Religion not necessary for human life

My good friend emmylgant, a dreamer per excellence referred me to a book, the Muqaddimah, written sometime in the 14th century by a Muslim scholar of high repute in his time. A book which I must say is a real gem on civilization, the place of man in society and why we are political animals. I haven’t read much of the book, but so far I must say I like the thinking behind the book. The author, Ibn Khaldun, seems to have been well versed with the subject he chose to write on, that is so far as I can tell.

I like the passage below especially more because, he was religious, Muslim to be specific, but believed the supernatural only interfered with human affairs in very special circumstances and not on a daily basis.

Existence and human life can materialize without (the existence of prophecy) through injunctions a person in authority may devise on his own or with the help of a group feeling that enables him to force the others to follow him wherever he wants to go. People who have a (divinely revealed) book and who follow the prophets are few in number in comparison with (all) the Magians who have no (divinely revealed) book. The latter constitute the majority of the world’s inhabitants. Still, they (too) have possessed dynasties and monuments,not to mention life itself. They still possess these things at this time in the intemperate zones to the north and the south. This is in contrast with human life in the state of anarchy, with no one to exercise a restraining influence. That would be impossible.
This shows that (the philosophers) are wrong when they assume that prophecy exists by necessity. The existence of prophecy is not required by logic. Its (necessary character) is indicated by the religious law, as was the belief of the early Muslims.