Atheism or God: Which is more rational?

Depending on which side of the debate you sit on, the answer is either god or atheism. For those who answer god to the above question. I have a few questions for you.

  1. which god is it?
  2. why god?
  3. how many are they?

There is a fellow called Prof Peter Kreeft a professor of philosophy at Boston college who argues for god. He claims it is more rational to believe in god than to be an atheist. Before we consider what the good professor has to say, I have a word of advice for his students, that is if any of them visit this blog. If you must do philosophy, do it under a new lecturer or attend a different college for this is what we call in my village a waste of money and time!

He starts his argument by asking a question that has been dealt with time and time again, that is, is faith and reason are opposed to each other?  When I wrote on the same question, I did show that faith is believing in things hoped for without any shred of any evidence they will ever come to pass. It is, to say succinctly, to choose to remain stupid against all odds! I don’t know when and how faith became rational. I am going to need a lot of help to understand this!

Then he goes on to tell us that the universe is evidence for god, to which i say hell no! That everywhere is the fingerprints of god. He however doesn’t say that cancer is the fingerprint of god. If the universe everywhere shows the fingerprints of god, how then can anyone worship such a god? The universe is beset with calamity and goodness in equal measure. Is it a god who is indifferent, acting as he pleases to amuse himself or is this god a sadist? Or rather are these apologists, theologians and philosophers daft?

He appeals to the five proofs[ and a refutation] of Thomas Aquinas as written in the Summa Theologica

The argument stated simply goes

  1. things move
  2. nothing moves for no reason
  3. something must cause movement
  4. this something is god

To arrive at the conclusion 4, he resorts to the same line of argument used in the Cosmological argument that an infinite number of causes is absurd. The good professor then begs the question by saying there must be an unmoved mover.

They say, those who claim to understand quantum physics don’t understand it. So on big bang cosmology, yours truly will refer you to It starts with a bang. There is an interesting new post that I think for all intents and purposes should help in understanding what astrophysicists mean when they talk of the big bang.

Back to the professor, he takes issue with the proposition that there could be other universes with the bold claim there is no empirical evidence for them and continues to look us straight in the face without offering any empirical evidence for his supposed god!

I didn’t think he will come to this, but this professor should change professions. He advances the argument so much liked by theists and apologists alike, that of Isaac Newton being a god believer. It appears to me they ignore the fact that he also believed in alchemy and for all intents and purposes, his theology was plain bad. If you want an example of scientists making bad theologians, Sir Isaac Newton and Blaise Pascal are perfect examples, you need not go further than that!

A scientist can be religious, that is not being denied, science just has no faith. There is no Hindu science, Baha’i science or Christian science. So the believer goes into the lab, but while there doesn’t pray that god will meddle with his results. For all intents and purposes, god is given a compulsory leave for the duration of the test. She is free to show up, and will be tested if that is possible.

And to reduce atheists to his level, he finishes by saying atheism requires faith while belief in god requires rationality. You know you have a dimwit when you hear something like that.

If you have read till this point, I have a treat for you, the professor himself making a pitch for god, he doesn’t tell us what, and how many gods there are.

About money

Friends, that is, theists in general and Christians specifically, don’t listen to your church ministers, priests, imams or whoever it is claims to speak to you on behalf of god and speaks on your behalf to god when they tell you, as Paul writes to Timothy in Timothy 6:10

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

for they are lying to you, since they say this while passing the collection basket around! You remain paupers while they get rich spending money you have worked your asses hard to get.

Listen, however, to the philosophers when they tell you

Money alone is absolutely good, because it is not only a concrete satisfaction of one need in particular, it is an abstract satisfaction of all.[Arthur Schopenhauer]

And please, please for those of who intent on getting married, if you can don’t marry a man or woman born in poverty. For the philosophers have this advice to give

a woman[man] of fortune being used to handling of money, spends it judiciously; but a woman[man] who gets the command of money for the first time upon her/his marriage, has such a gusto in spending it, that she/he throws it away with great profusion.

And as a word of caution to all that

you be careful to preserve what you have earned or inherited.

And finally to those aspiring parents, if you can, leave your children an inheritance for

to start life with just as much as will make one independent, that is, allow one to live comfortably without having to work is an advantage which cannot be overestimated; for it means exemption and immunity from that chronic disease of penury[..] it is emancipation from that forced labor which is the natural lot of every mortal

and once you start life with such advantage, don’t be a dickhead, but pay your debt to mankind by

achieving what no other could achieve, by producing some work which contributes to the general good, and rebounds to the honor of humanity at large. 

For to fail to do so, with such advantage is to be but

a mere idler and thief of time, a contemptible fellow. He will not even be happy, because, in his case, exemption from need delivers him up to the other extreme of human suffering, boredom, which is such martyrdom to him, that he would have been better off if poverty had given him something to do.

That brothers and sisters is my advice to you this beautiful Monday morning!