A word of advice to fellow bloggers

I don’t know whether this could be said, giving myself an air confidence or something of that sort. I will however go ahead and say it. What am talking about here, is attracting blog followers. A friend of mine says, the followers you have is directly proportional to the effort  you put in visiting different blogs, I don’t know about you but here I go with the words of Schopenhauer when he talks about fame and honour. He writes concerning the difficulty of winning fame thus

….the difficulty of winning fame by any given work stands in reverse ratio to the number of people who are likely to read it; and hence it is so much harder to become famous as the author of a learned work than as a writer who aspires only to amuse. 

No am not looking down upon entertainers, just saying

it is hardest of all in the case of philosophical works, because the result at which they aim is rather vague, and at the same time, useless from a material point of view; they appeal chiefly to readers who are working on the same lines themselves.

And those of you atheist bloggers, who write on atheism and philosophy will agree with the above assessment. When I visit my friend archy’s site, all the comments I have seen have been by people I ‘know‘ to be atheists. Maybe some theists visit, as they visit all our blogs and like posts, but I think all of you will agree that apart from the random theist intent on just dissenting for no other reason than that he can, most of those who regularly read and comment on your blogs are likely members of the choir!