Does Christianity have a redeeming feature?

Well, I know there are Christians who are going to disagree and that is really welcome. Having said that, I will go ahead to write why I think Christianity as a religion or a worldview whatever its adherents want to call it, has no redeeming feature. I will just give a few examples and hopefully we can develop the list together.

1. It is life denying

In the old testament, women are treated as impure after childbirth, that they need cleansing. They tell us man is born sinful [I know the evangelicals are moving away from the doctrine of original sin]. They condemn you at birth and at the grave. They tell you, rather their greatest prophet, Jeebus tells you that to be angry is as good as murder, he criminalizes sensual thoughts. He, Jeebus, even curses a tree out of season!

2. Death is the modus operandi

In all situations where their god has felt like redeeming humanity, a people he condemns in the beginning of Genesis, he has chosen blood as his method. The difference has always been in numbers, but death all the same.

3. Their supposed god has favorites

In Genesis, he chooses the gifts of Abel over those of Cain without any reason. The christian apologist insists their supposed god is all loving. Where was the love when he chose the sons of Jacob as a special group, where was the love when he killed the child born of David and Uriah’s wife, where was the love when he stopped the sun for 6 hours? so that Joshua could continue butchering, where was the love when his prophet killed all the prophets of Baal?

4. It is anti- secularism, anti- intellectualism 

There is no verse in the bible that encourages doubt and inquiry. It requires you to submit to authority and nothing more. All its laws are not earth based, they are meant to please the heavens. Nowhere is dissent preached, nowhere is independence of mind advocated, it calls people sheep and its adherents are truly sheeples[many if not all of them]!


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