The power of prayer: Believing in god can help treat depression

Fellow sufferers, I came across new research of a small sample group that indicate that belief in god can help treat depression, actually it doesn’t matter if your god is FSM, it just have to be some deity we can’t explain its existence. I have an interesting thought though, why would they wait to be depressed to pray for treatment of depression if they could pray not to be depressed in the first place?

The test did not include non-believers so theists should not run to their priests with offerings thinking their ridiculous beliefs have been vindicated.

Another thing, always be very skeptical of medics. They tell you today eggs is bad for your health, then the next day another one tells you eggs is not bad, it’s the chicken and before you know it, you can’t remember what they started with.

Having said that here are the links.

Believing In God Associated With Better Psychiatric Treatment Outcomes: Study

The power of prayer: Believing in God can help treat depression

Study: People Who Believe in God Are More Responsive to Treatment of Depression