Blog Break 2

Most of you know my friend Cornell. He has a very interesting post [ Now this is what I call a perfect prayer] which he says he was taught a  decade or so ago which for all intents I think is a prayer of a person trying reverse psychology on god, whichever god it is is yours to decide.

Oh LORD, If I worship You for fear of Hell, burn me in Hell,

and if I worship You in hope of Paradise, exclude me from Paradise.

But if I worship You for Your Own sake,

grudge me not Your everlasting Beauty.

If you ask me, this prayer asks god to evaluate the sincerity in the prayer. Am feeling lazy and I know you my friends have more to say to my friend.

The second post is a meme, that those of you who spend time on Facebook must have seen. I will sample a few comments

Misty Troy Walling asks:  Atheist: how can you be against something you don’t believe in. I am so thankful for a merciful God!

No, we are not against god. We just lack a belief. Did you get that?

Tracy Roger Wilson  I always wonder why atheists troll FB sites that are clearly Christian based? Is it just to incite arguments ? If so, why?? Why do atheists want to condemn those who believe in God? They seem to spend alot of time thinking about something they don’t believe in. There’s no peace there!

Create your private internet. If it is in the public atheists will comment and you can comment on atheists sites as long as you can defend your ridiculous claims.

Kirk Cameron I am a recovering atheist. I’d still be an atheist today if it weren’t for God. He has been so kind to me. My old days of denying His existence based on not seeing Him was as foolish as the words from the second boy in this womb. Without a mom, he couldn’t even make the statement. Thank you Lord, for graciously opening my eyes of faith to see You…and loving me when I didn’t deserve it. Romans 5:8

Seriously, are you saying this to get many comments? Tell me what you understand by atheism? Why Christianity and their god among the many gods on offer?

Hey, brother, do you think?

Silly Catholics

Yesterday when I shared the statement by the Catholic bishops, I thought that was all we will here of the condom debate and I even said the Catholics are better than their creed, but it appears I talked too soon for I have seen a response by one faithful catholic that I ought to share with you.

The gentleman asks a very telling question

Has anyone ever wondered why the Catholic Church is still around more than 2000 years after the death and resurrection of its founder, Jesus Christ while other churches continue to die and reincarnate in all sorts of new names?

I thought the answer to this question should be obvious. Sheep beget sheep, so in many cases the sheeples just keep siring sheepish Catholics, but it seems I was wrong. He tells us

The answer is simple

What is the answer if we may ask?

The presence of an infallible teaching authority that has never erred in matters of faith and morals and is thus reliable and credible voice of conscience in a world that seeks to deny authority and create its own versions of what is right and wrong.

No, this guy is not my neighbor! I thought I was reading an article written by the pope in 1900, this level of faith is shocking and the ignorance appalling! This guy is a real sheep! Who in this day and age thinks the pope is infallible and what matters of morals has the church led unless he means hiding pedophiles, stifling dissent and treating women as less equal than men by failing to ordain women priests, not that I care who is priest or who isn’t, among other things.

He goes on to tell us who a good Catholic is. He tells

A good catholic only abides by the teaching authority of the Magisterium[ a group of old pedophiles and eunuchs] as custodians  of our rich heritage in scripture and tradition.

Rich indeed, what with burning people in the stakes, destroying the library in Alexandria, stifling research in medical fields, preaching against use of contraceptives to ensure its coffers are full every Sunday. Indeed the it has a rich history!

He continues by telling us he is proud to be a serf. That it is great to be one. Listen to the good Catholic

We live in a world that believes in autonomy, independence and relativism and so submitting to such an authority seems backward. On the contrary, it is in obedience that we are great!

No, you can’t be great as a slave! You can only be foolish to think so. And yes it is backward to think that some guy who wears red sandals, lives in a big mansion in Vatican city and wears purple dresses should tell you how to live your life.

Now he gets real stupid

Human sexuality is a faith and moral issue and thus good Catholics know who really is the authority to guide them in matters concerning our bodies as sexual beings.

This fellow must, it seems to me, confesses to the priest when he masturbates! For him to need guidance on when and how to have sex, this guy needs help. This kind of person who goes back to the father to ask how to engage in sex with his wife because he never had an opportunity to learn on his own unless he was kept by a priest..

The Catholic church will continue to be the voice of conscience and moral sanity despite all the ills that plague it.

Seriously, that the church will continue to protect the children abused by its pedophile priests! It is like encouraging sheep to have faith in the wolves even they have been eaten several times by the same wolves!

Jesus did not have perfect disciples but this did not stop him from entrusting them with the great treasures for our salvation.

Has anyone ever wondered why the disciples were fishermen and not any other trade? In my village, fishermen are the least educated and would believe anything they are told and I know my village has more educated fishermen than the ones who could have followed the Jesus fellow [whose existence is doubtful].

I knew a warning had to be here some place

Don’t attack the messenger; acknowledge the richness of the message.

This is one of those times that both the messenger[an idiot] and the message [crap] have to be attacked for the good of us.

He finishes by saying

good Catholics are not fooled by such misinformed directives since they can tell the difference between a good shepherd and the wolf.

I agree, the good Catholic must be an idiot of the first degree!