Meditations on life

Friends, I have said before and I will say it again here that life is in of itself absurd and meaningless. Without a purpose except maybe taking into account the evolutionary purpose to procreate, the rest are details. The most important question then that a person asks at the edge of this abyss is what then? Man finding himself at the edge of this abyss must rebel. And how do you rebel. You must say

to this end I shall…….

And whatever it is you set out to achieve, even if you fail to do, at least be truthful to it.

There was a time gone by when the statement go yea and fill the earth made sense, but not any more! Look to China, they are so many to the extent that if you were standing in public and had to lift your leg for whatever reason, the space where you had hitherto stood has been occupied by another leg. Now is the time to do something else other than procreation!

The priests at Delphi told the Greeks, Know thyself! Most people live their lives like sheep. They come on stage and depart from it without being anything. They came and conformed to fashion, to what was in vogue, and lived a quiet existence. It can be said the universe wasn’t aware of their existence, for they did nothing apart from come, procreate and die! What an existence! This way of living must change.

I can confidently say the probability of having another me is close to zero. This being the case why, for the life of me, should I conform? It is here that I follow the second advice of the Delphic priests, Be yourself! To be yourself, you must remember you are unique, that you do not have to conform, do not be timid. Be courageous, set your own path and when at the end of the road you are alone, be proud that you lived as you did. You’d rather be alone and be somebody than to be a part of the mass and be no one. Some of you will disagree, and that is fine with me.

If you are an artist, make good art. If you are gifted with the ability to sing, by all means sing but please no mediocre music. We don’t want to be deaf listening to bad music. Please by all means do not go to war! The world remembers Alexander the Great as a good military commander and nothing more, but Socrates, Epicurus, Buddha, Aristotle, Confucius and other greats still live on for they bequeathed the world with great wisdom. Napoleon, the great French strategist and military commander knew this truth, that to be remembered he had to do something apart from just winning wars and the French will forever be grateful to him for their education system.

Here I am, your host and dare say, your teacher, command you to first know thyself and then be yourself! You will thank me.