Kenyans and their parliamentarians

There are different kinds of societies. There is man eat man, dog eat man and man eat dog society. The third society is the worst kind, and it so describes our political landscape. In several posts, when I talk about our members of parliament, I have described them as MPigs. That is how we see them. Don’t ask me how we elect them. I think world over, only idiots are elected to parliament. How they manage to win is beyond me, but that is a topic of another day, unless it could be that society is full of idiots and are happy with one of their own in power!

Our Mpigs are united on one thing and one thing alone, how they can get higher salaries. It is the only thing that drives them and unites them. It is this matter alone that can keep them in parliament working extra hours or earning seating allowance for being present at parliamentary commission sittings where they make little or  no meaningful contributions.

On other news for those not in the know, the supposed president and his veep are frequent visitors at the Hague based court for crimes against humanity. You know you are living among the very stupid if they elect suspects of such crime to be their head of state. Only a mad man would expect me, in my right mind to acknowledge such people as duly elected! I will not and I can’t! Call it denial if you want but am not about to!

Pigs used in the demonstration against the MPigs who sit in the august house