The problem with us

Many commentators in our politics and generally on the third world always try to be politically correct when talking about government excesses. You know you are dealing with nutcases when a beggar earns more than his benefactors and this is the situation we find ourselves in with our MPigs demanding more salaries while the government hops from one capital to the next begging for financial aid which ends up financing the Mpigs side kicks, the leaders companies and so on while those to whom this money was intended never hear of it.

Worse still is to know that each child born today in this country already owes the government staggering amounts of money, sums that were borrowed from our development partners and ended up developing potbellies! The west must demand more from these governments or if they can’t invest directly into the development programmes to keep their money. Their efforts are leaving us poorer and poorer by day.

It is morally and intellectually agonising that a penurious country like Kenya fritters away all its hard-earned and extremely meagre income into the maws of human grubs, maggots, chrysalises and piranhas – an exceedingly voracious species which, however, has never produced even a single commodity or idea.[DN 19/5]

blog break 4: bestiality, morality and an observation

Folks, I don’t know how much of what happens here in the neck of the woods gets beamed on your news screens. Last week we were treated to a news story of bestiality in Mombasa involving teenage girls, some tourists and dogs or so I hear. I don’t at the moment know what is it that transpired in Mombasa though I do hope this will be known in due course.

One of the commentators writes

…..this is a manifestation of moral depravity our society suffers when such acts as bestiality, abortions, homosexuality and casual murders become ingrained in our systems and values.

Why anyone would think homosexuality and abortions are an example of moral depravity is still beyond me.

He goes on to argue for moral divine command. He tells

Mankind too subscribes to a deity whose divine command sets standards of engagement. In our cases, the holy books provide such guidance

I don’t know if the author is aware of the dilemma in the Platonic dialogues where it is asked if something is right because gods command it or gods command it because it is right. To tell us the holy books are a guide it would be nice to know if he would stone his neighbor to death for working on Sabbath.

He then lists chapters in the OT where there are various curses and punishment for different acts. He lists exodus 29:19, Leviticus 18:23, 20:15-16 and Deuteronomy 27:21. My observation has been that injunctions are only issued on things that are going on already and rarely in anticipation of the said acts. In short for the authors these passages to give such warnings, this was already a problem. What we need to ask as students of history is what would drive man to have sex with brutes? Anyone with information on what contributes to such drives would do great justice if they could share their knowledge or direct me to studies on the same.