Of politics, politicians and their thieving ways

In 2010, we enacted, after more than 2 decades of activism for change, a new constitution. A document that many hailed as being a great document for charting our journey towards a brighter future, a future that our independence fathers, except of course the first president, had in mind. A unified future, a nation where inequality in distribution of resources will be addressed, the bill of rights be expanded and several constitutional safeguards put in place against the excesses of government.

There was a lot of excitement that so many things were either overlooked or not given serious thought. I will list a few:

  1. we expanded the national assembly and created a new house, a senate, following both the American and British models of two houses but the roles of these idiots was not properly considered. We have been treated to a show of strength between the two houses each trying to show the other which is the most powerful. My recommendation: We don’t need the expanded national assembly, we keep the regional governments and the senate. The senators will bring to the floor of the house issues that have been raised at the county level for debate. In this way we have fewer idiots trying to run the country.
  2. constitutional offices. For the life of me, please tell what the work life of an IEBC[the body charged with botching elections] commissioner when there are no elections. Remember these people draw insane salaries in the pretext that they should be above bribery which doesn’t make sense when you think of the issue carefully. There is a commission charged with harmonisation of salaries for state officers. Please tell me what these people do everyday apart from thinking about salaries and then being paid at the end of the month for doing nothing. Recommendation: disband all unnecessary constitutional bodies.
  3. cabinet secretaries and principal secretaries. This is the thing, before ministers were idiots, nay, I meant to say politicians and there was a permanent secretary to run the ministry. Now we have technocrats. What is the point of another layer of bureaucracy?  Recommendation: reduce the size of the fucking government!

Most of you by now know of my disdain for politicians. I think we need as a country to rethink the recall clause, the size of parliament, seriously you don’t want to have close to 400 running amok in a country whose population is mainly sheeples!

Please don’t think am biased to the idiots, nay, politicians

Governors want County budget increased from Sh210 billion to Sh258 billion and they also want offices in Nairobi. Now we are trying to devolve government because for a long time power has been concentrated in the centre and in Nairobi. Why would these dimwits want to live in Nairobi while there areas of jurisdiction is in the counties they represent?

Salary: Members of Parliament turn guns on President Uhuru. I have written on the MPigs haggling for a higher salary and asking for the disbandment of the commission that slashed their salaries. Having failed on these attempts, they have decided to blackmail everyone, from the supposed president, to the revenue authority! A real bunch of thieves and idiots they are.

On a side note, there is another constitutional body that is telling us not to use insults when referring to MPs and others when they fuck us up! To them, go and hang. If you find my language offensive, don’t read it again. It is your problem, not mine.


About makagutu

As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

7 thoughts on “Of politics, politicians and their thieving ways

  1. john zande says:

    I think you should get the story of José Alberto “Pepe” Mujica Cordano (President of Uruguay) out to the press there. Urge them to do a Sunday feature…. SHAME your national politicians by his example.


    • makagutu says:

      I think this is a good idea. I will try and talk to a journalist friend and see if he can have it published in the daily where he works.
      Though I think our politicians are beyond being shamed. They are what others call dregs of society.


  2. themodernidiot says:

    Mistake number one: modeling after the government that put your dictators in power. Whoops. sorry about that-our bad 😉


    • makagutu says:

      I think the drafters of the constitution did not anticipate all these problems and the nation was fed up with what they called excesses of the central government. I think we should just rewrite the whole document.


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