8 Ways Satan Convinces You To Question Your Salvation

Ladies, don’t listen to him, that is the devil himself

There are gems, then there are gems and this is in the second class. And since yours truly believes that sharing is living, I want you my friends to be able to tell when Satan convinces you to question your [non] belief. Have a good laugh friends.

8 Ways Satan Convinces You To Question Your Salvation

d’Holbach’s quotes

Friends, in the next few posts, I will be sharing a few gems from Letters to Eugenia written by d’Holdbach where he refutes the doctrines/ dogmas of christianity, its foundations and the ideas of divinities. ย To start us off, I share this piece that appears to me to be a critique of theology, natural or otherwise.

Do not tell me that your understanding is too weak to sound the depths of theology. Do not tell me, in the language of our priests, that the truths of religion are mysteries that we must adopt without comprehending them, and that it is necessary to adore in silence.ย 

Whatever is supernatural is unsuited to man, and whatever is beyond his comprehension ought not to occupy his attention. To adore what we are not able to know, is to adore nothing. To admit without examination every thing we are directed to admit, is to be basely and stupidly credulous. To say that religion is above reason, is to recognize the fact that it was not made for reasonable beings; it is to avow that those who teach it have no more ability to fathom its depths than ourselves; it is to confess that our reverend doctors do not themselves understand the marvels with which they daily entertain us.