The week that shook Kenya! What week, where was I?

Today, yours truly, has been doing what Violet calls lurking reading fresh posts on wordpress about god and religion . I have read many from some not so interesting like this pastor to admonitions to be slaves of ghosts. I don’t want to write about them. Am interested in this where I commented thus

I want to be a part of history not by praying for this kids or anyone about to pass on, but by freeing them from fear of a life in the beyond. It is better to prepare them for the inevitability of death without adding the fear of a life beyond.
And if any of the sick got remission, thank the doctors not phantoms. Have some decency and recognize it is human effort. I mean if your god really cared, they should not have been sick in the first place.
And there is nothing grand in making a 6K people apostles of ghosts. No, you aren’t helping. Teach them to think for themselves and to learn from nature. That way we will build a better country.

just in case the admin doesn’t find my comment worthy of approval.

Back to the post anyway, I must say I have no recollection when there was such a tremor. I have been in the country in the past year and my travels weren’t farther than Tanzania, so I don’t know how this passed me by. Maybe it is because I don’t watch TV or follow what pastors are up to.

This week actually started about eight months ago as I was helping a friend of mine deliver Bibles and devotionals to a friend of his at the hospital in Kijabe.

This must be the longest week in recorded history, spanning 8 months! And how do bibles help in hospitals? You should be distributing food and help sort medical bills, but that is for later :-P.

I had no idea that I was about to meet the craziest Woman of God I’ve ever met.

Aren’t they all crazy?

Mercy Ng’ang’a has been serving the patients at Bethany Kids Hospital in Kijabe for over 8  years.

I only hope as a nurse or resident doctor. I may be wrong though 🙂

 In her time there she has made over 400 disciples that she keeps in touch with through regular phone calls and she holds 5 conferences a year to meet with and teach them. Last year she led 400 people to the Lord (which she says “only 400″) while those she discipled led 6,740 people to The Lord last year.

Ah I see! She has been busy making sheeples of sick people and other idles. I don’t envy her any bit, though I wouldn’t mind so many followers :-P.

Her job at the hospital isn’t easy. It requires her to meet with children and their parents in times of hardship, many kids often are fighting death. Each week Mercy may be called in 3-5 times to pray with a child that is about to pass away.

That is a job I wouldn’t take. Lying to people who are about to close the final curtain that god is waiting for them with flowers, and gold paved streets and angels singing hallelujah on end, forget some of them couldn’t sing to save their lives.

After meeting with Mercy and fighting back tears from the stories she has experienced and her own testimony, I just wanted to figure out how we could be a part of her ministry.

Here is where I know I could help. First, take the bibles away but keep Ecclesiastes, I don’t have to throw the whole book you know. I will read for them the passage

3 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:

2 a time to plant and a time to uproot,
3 a time to tear down and a time to build,
4 a time to mourn and a time to dance,
5 a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
6 a time to keep and a time to throw away,
7 a time to be silent and a time to speak,
8 a time for war and a time for peace. {Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 NIV]

At least this author knew everything has its on time. I think his only major undoing was to listen to theologians of his time who lied to him there was a god. Second, and this I used to do when I visited children who were suffering from cancer at KNH, play with them, especially those who can play to just distract them from the burden of disease. Make their surroundings as pleasant as possible. But leaving out the prayers 😛

This week we sent 30 crazy Adventures in Missions short term missionaries to partner with Mercy in her day to day ministry. I’m not sure why I was so surprised at what happened, but let’s just say God showed up!

Did he have a short and beard, my friends would like a word with him and some actually want him killed. By the way is it a he or a he-she?

– Jeremiah, a young boy in the children’s ward, was fighting a disease that made his bones brittle and caused them to break. He was a regular in the hospital staying a month at a time each visit. This week he was in his second week of treatments when the team came in to pray with him. Jeremiah’s condition was improved (possibly healed) to where they discharged him. He felt so much better (like he had never experienced) that he wanted to give his life to the God that heals and promised Mercy that he was going to become a pastor so he could tell his story.

So doctors treat him, then he wants to thank ghosts? And become an agent for ghosts making money from other sheeple like him? The bigger question is why was waiting just for the thirty dullwits?

– Sophia had been fighting hydrocephalus (water on the brain) for her entire life of 14 years. She came in due to the intense seizures she was experiencing. Our team joined Mercy in prayer over Sophia believing that God could heal her. The seizures stopped. The doctors soon took her in for treatment and couldn’t find anything, so they later took her in again, then performed a CT scan – still nothing. Sophia went home… healed.

Maybe she had been misdiagnosed the first time and the second time. But again why did god let her fall sick in the first place? Is it so that the agents of deception, in this case called crazy Adventures on Mission, to lie to gullible minds, their parents included?

 Mama Precious brought her daughter in because she was unable to see. One of our team members, Jay began to play songs for her on the guitar. As he played the girl began to weep (Mercy knew it was God healing her). Not long after the girl was discharged with her sight back. Mama Precious who had previously denied God came to Mercy wanting to follow this God of healing and power.

Am buying a guitar! I didn’t know it had healing powers but that aside, is it that this child had not wept before ever in her life or what was it with this weeping? I hear the supposed vice president weeps a lot, maybe he was also born blind. Just speculating 😛

– A woman came into the women’s ward of the hospital being carried because she was unable to move her legs, much less walk. As she sat in her chair the  team approached her and began to pray. After they prayed she stood up. After they left, she walked out of the hospital got in a bus and went home.

This is a joke! She maybe has never been carried since she was a baby! She has been carrying all the men and girls in her life and just wanted a break or she had muscle pull. I mean if this are the things god is doing, there is a problem here!

This isn’t Adventures in Missions’ story, or Mercy’s. This is God’s story. This is who He is and what He does for the children He so desires to see whole and complete.

It is a story of misanthropes, dullwits and sheeples! No gods involved and it is this madness that need to be checked!

These aren’t all of the stories this week. Our team prayed over the mens and women’s ward of the hospital and when Mercy went back that afternoon they were cleared. In an ICU of a children’s hospital that sees two children die a week, the ICU was cleared and not one child was lost.

I must say this is a very active group of sheeples! I am wondering why hospitals are still full! And can I now cancel my health insurance? I mean you have prayed over the wards and ICU. The hospital can now turn ICU into a VIP bar just to begin with and the wards to be guest houses? What do you people say?

You can be a part of His story…

Yes am a part of history! What the hell did you think?

I’ll be posting even more stories of the week that shook Kenya. Please be praying for Mercy and her ministry and be praising the God that heals.

I will be posting why we don’t need sheeple and the week that didn’t shake Kenya and I definitely am not praying and I know god doesn’t mind. He simply doesn’t exist.

I hope you liked it 😛 as much as I did.