You gotta give it to the god believers

In a post addressed to atheists, agnostics and other non-believers, one of the god believers wrote the comment below, which in my view, really shows they don’t understand the real issue really.  One, how does this person know that god has chosen not to do these things, what god are they speaking about? And no, we don’t blame god, neither do we hate god, all we do is lack a belief in the existence of any and only point out to the believers that their understanding of reality is quite skewed if on the one hand they hold their god is a loving and all-powerful god but still allows misfortune to visit them. That there is a contradiction in their belief system that they need to address without getting into any rationalizations. It is in fact arrogant to claim that god, any god, can’t be questioned. So this person thinks that the story he/she reads in the bible about god committing suicide to save us from himself is such a good story? No, far from it. How could a person, even if he lived and died several thousand years ago, have died for sins, whatever they are, that I am yet to commit? Why, if he already died do we still have to believe as a condition? How powerless is this god they worship?

Any god believers reading this, if your god exists, I don’t think it would be arrogant to question s/h/it decisions unless you imply that s/h/it is a malicious, capricious and vicious dictator whose writ is law and is beyond question. The next question would be does such a being deserve worship or fear and condemnation and if possible to be removed from position of authority?

It is arrogant to expect that God has to prove anything to anyone! He could do a lot of things, but He chooses not do them for a variety of reasons! People blame a God they either ignore or hate most of the time and then when something bad happens they expect He is going to save them from the crisis or disaster! God did more than enough for mankind when He allowed His only Son to die for our sin! We are not guaranteed a miracle or His intervention: that is not the basis for believing God!